Wedding Officiant

 With  planning over 100's of Brides and Grooms wedding ceremony as a Wedding Entertainer, we are now offering wedding officiant/master of ceremony.

Lots of couples are getting Self-Uniting Marriage License and are asking me to MC their wedding ceremony.

Officiant/Master of Ceremony

More and more wedding ceremonies are not in a standard  church settings. The past 10 years more ceremony has been at a special location that the couples can add their own special touches.

Here is what we can offer you: 

  • Ceremony Planning and Coaching- What is your ceremony goals and events how I will be able to help you.
  • Ceremony Music- Picking the right music. Over 60% of couples are not using the standard music.
  • Vows- Helping with picking or writing your vows.
  • Non-Standard Wedding - Writing your own personal ceremony, not the same old versus. This is your wedding that everyone will remember
  • Rehearsal - The best is to have the officiant/MC at the rehearsal. Some do not offer this.
  • Planning Ceremony- We offer you 3 to 4 planning meetings to go over all the detail's.

For your Wedding Officiant/Master of Ceremony I'm  completely open minded about anything you wish to have.
I would be happy to share all of my knowledge that can help you on your special day.